Indentifying Extraneous Threats to Test Validity for Improving Tests and Using of Tests

Tuesday, June 22, 2010: 4:00 PM-5:00 PM
Joliet (Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center)
  • Identifying Extraneous Threats_ncme_presentation.pdf (499.0 kB)
  • Fluctuation of Student Performance in Large Scale Assessment.pdf (508.6 kB)
  • CCSSO_CAT_validity.pdf (910.8 kB)
  • Validity Threats_CCSSO_2010_061810.pdf (388.8 kB)
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  • Content Strands:
    1. Data Use, Score Reporting, and Communication
    2. Measurement, Research and Evaluation
    State testing programs report evidence of test validity. Come hear how extraneous factors hidden in the assessment process could be threats to test validity, including: rater-drifts in scoring constructed-response items; inappropriate use of intact forms; underestimated sampling errors for a random cluster sample making type II error; and a post-equating design used for designing pre-equating forms.
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