Building Bridges, Making Transitions

Thursday, June 20, 2013

8:30 AM-10:00 AM

Building Coherent Post-NCLB Accountability Systems That Incorporate Multiple Components
Garron Gianopulos, Ph.D., Erik McCormick, Rorie Fitzpatrick and Carole Gallagher, Ph.D.

Development of Next-Generation Assessments – Technical Challenges and Solutions in the Transition to Common Core State Standards (CCSS)
Liru Zhang, Ph.D, Max Xu, Ph.D, Steve G. Viger, C. Allen Lau, Ph.D, Shudong Wang, Ph.D. and Yi Du, Ph.D.

Embracing the New, Transforming the Old
Susan Weigert, Ph.D., Erin Faasuamalie, Patti Whetstone, Ed.D, Alan Sheinker, Ed.D. and Melissa Gholson

Preventing, Detecting, and Investigating Test Security Irregularities: A Comprehensive Guidebook On Test Security For States
Charlene Tucker, John Fremer, Ph., D., in, Educational, Psychology, and, Measurement, Juan D'Brot, Roger Ervin, Gregory Cizek and John F. Olson

Standing in the Middle of the Bridge: Lessons Learned about Current AA-AAS and Implications for the Next Generation of Assessments
Claudia Flowers, Audra Ahumada, Trinell M. Bowman, Leila Williams, PhD and Meagan Karvonen, PhD

Statewide Professional Development Models for Learning about Formative Assessment
Edward Roeber, Ph.D., Sara Bryant, Sarah McManus, Edward Roeber, Ph.D. and Margaret Heritage

Today's Transition From Formative to Summative Teacher Evaluation: A Bridge Too Far?
Terry Holliday, Alan Burke, Cindy Hill and W. James Popham

10:15 AM-11:45 AM

A National Research Agenda to Improve the Educational Assessment and Attainment of English Language Learners
John W. Young, Margaret Heritage, Diane August, Mikyung Kim Wolf, Ph.D., Charlene Rivera, Jennifer Paul and John W. Young

Adaptive Alternate Assessments That Measure Growth
Cara Tanimura, Tom Dauphinee, Ph.D., Brian Touchette, Wendy Stoica and Gary W. Phillips, PhD

Formative Assessment: Preparing Students for the Common Core Standards
Hugh Walkup, Ph.D., Colleen Anderson, Denise Hunt, Jackie Lakin, Margaret Heritage and Sarah McManus

From State House to School House: Two States’ Teacher Evaluation Initiatives - Challenges, Triumphs, Results & Implications
Jackie Wilson, Carla Howe, Sharon Brittingham, Steve Godowsky, Eric Niebrzydowski, Lewis Cheatwood, Linda Grace and Venessa A. Keesler

Getting More From Our Measures by Taking Advantage of Technology Enhanced Items
Timothy R. Vansickle, Ph.D., Michael J. Muenks, Nadine McBride and Phoebe C. Winter

Incorporating a Theory of Action Into Validation
Randy E. Bennett, Kristen Huff, Ellen Forte, Scott Marion and Stephen G. Sireci

Promoting Equity in State Accountability Systems: A Deeper Look Into the Waivers
Christopher S. Domaleski, Ph.D., Wes Bruce, Ph.D., Judy W. Park, Ed.D., Melissa Fincher, PhD, Christopher S. Domaleski and Marianne Perie, Ph.D.

The Critical Role of Policy in Maintaining Test Security
Stephen T. Murphy, Ph.D., Tamara L. Lewis, Ed.D., Victoria Ash, John M. Clark III, Ph.D., Neal Kingston, Ph.D. and James Mason

1:35 PM-2:30 PM

A Common Lens For Viewing The Common Core State Standards For Mathematics
Ellen Whitesides, Christine Avila, Dewey Gottlieb, Michele Mailhot, Deborah Romanek and Tracy Gruber

Considerations For Transitioning Students From Operational 2% Assessments To General Assessments: Challenges For States
Melissa Fincher, PhD, Trinell M. Bowman, Wendy Stoica, Susan Weigert, Ph.D., Marianne Perie, Ph.D. and Martha L. Thurlow, Ph.D.

The Handbook For Professional Development In Assessment Literacy: A Resource For States and School Districts.
Wayne Neuburger, Doris Redfield, PhD, Beth Cipoletti, Elizabeth Davis and Jan Sheinker, Ed.D.

Transitioning Reporting Assessment Results: From Performance Status to Achievement Growth
Liru Zhang, Ph.D, Garron Gianopulos, Ph.D., Richard N. Vineyard, Ph.D., Norma Sinclair, Ph.D. and Mohamed Dirir, Ed.D.

What Are Best Practices in Large Scale Online Testing? A New Book: Volume Two Outlines Those Practices
Pat Roschewski, Lisa Ehrlich, Sarah Susbury and Christopher Hanczrik

3:00 PM-3:55 PM

Improving Standard-Setting Processes Through the Use of Construct Maps
Michael B. Bunch, Ph.D., Denny Way, Steven G. Viger and Adam E. Wyse, Ph.D.

3:00 PM-5:00 PM

CCSS Showcase: Innovations in Ohio to Prepare for the Common Core
Sasheen Phillips, Lauren V. Monowar-Jones, Karen Daugherty, Terrence Moore, Ph.D., Margaret Heritage and Shazia Miller

CCSS Showcase: Measuring 21st Century Skills Assessments in a Common Core Era-How to Address Both CCSS and 21st Century Skills Assessments?
Maryam Tager, Jim Pellegrino, Henry Braun, Lydia Begley, Katie Larsen McClarty and Yigal Rosen, Dr.

CCSS Showcase: The Role Of Assessments In The Common Core Transition: State's Perspectives
Dan Verdick, Judy Snow, Jessica Brown, Ph.D., Tom Dauphinee, Ph.D. and Phil Robakiewicz, PhD.

CCSS Showcase: Transitioning to Next Generation Assessment: A Continuum of Performance Assessment Approaches
Daisy Rutstein, Rosemary Reshetar, Yigal Rosen, Dr., Peter W. Foltz, Carol S. Parke and Emily R. Lai, Ph.D.

Challenges and Solutions In Implementing Accessible Next Generation Assessments
Michael Russell, Cara Cahalan Laitusis, PhD, Trinell M. Bowman, Deborah Matthews, Thomas Hoffmann and Jennifer Higgins

Design of CAT: Considerations, Realities
G. Gage Kingsbury, Liru Zhang, Ph.D and Tim Davey

NAEP 2012 4th Grade, Computer-Based Pilot Writing Assessment: Transitioning From Paper-and-Pencil To Computer-Based Assessment On a National Scale
Jack Buckley, Hilary Persky, Scott E. Becker, Jessica Miller, Sandra Murphy, Scott Ferguson, Angela Glymph and Eunice Ann Greer

Schoolview: A Multistate Consortium to Foster Collaborative Data Use and Visualization
Wes Bruce, Ph.D., William Bonk, Ph.D., Ken Turner, Jessica Brown, Richard Wenning and Damian Betebenner, Ph.D.

4:05 PM-5:00 PM

Emerging Model Arts Instruction and Assessment Program in the State of Michigan
Dr. Vincent Dean, Edward Roeber and Kathryn Dewsbury-White

Golden Math Nuggets: Digging Into Assessment Data To Improve Instruction In Math
Elliot Asp, Ph.D., Michael Gallagher, R. James Milgram, Ph.D. and James McBride, Ph.D.

Improving the Validity of Assessment Results for English Language Learners with Disabilities
Margaret Ho, Ed.D., Cheryl Alcaya and Laurene Christensen, Ph.D.

Friday, June 21, 2013

8:00 AM-9:30 AM

A Vital Goal: Blending Assessment with Instruction
Eva Lee Baker, Gerald Tindal, PhD, H. Gary Cook, John Poggio, Rolf K. Blank and John Poggio

Learning Progressions and Formative Assessment: Helping Mathematics Teachers Transition To The Common Core State Standards
Caroline Wylie, Ph.D., Jeff Haberstroh, Beth Hulbert, Mendy Mills, Fritz Mosher and Gerrita Postlewait

Lessons Learned From Managing a Successful Multi-State Assessment Consortium – The Wida Experience
Edward Roeber, Ph.D., Troy Couillard, Gay Pickner, Meredith Alt, Ilhye Yoon and Timothy J. Boals, Ph.D.

Providing Accessible Assessments in the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium
Magda Chia, Michael Hock, Jennifer Paul, Deborah Matthews and Sally Valenzuela

Reporting Findings From Measures of Teacher Effectiveness: Guidance for States and Other Jurisdictions
Joanne Riehm, Jennifer Preston, Austin Zentz, IMPACT data manager for DC Public Schools, Kate McMahon and Carole Gallagher, Ph.D.

Special Populations, Comprehensive Next Generation Assessment Systems, and Learning Models: Transition to Assessment for Learning
Susan Weigert, Ph.D., Patricia Almond, PhD, Margaret Heritage, Ph.D., Sue Bechard, Ph.D., Vincent J. Dean, Ph.D., Sandra Warren, Ph.D. and Edynn Sato, Ph.D.

Use of PARCC and SBAC Assessments in Higher Education
Wayne Camara, Kris Ellington, Kristen Huff, Jacqueline King and Wayne Camara

10:00 AM-10:55 AM

Sharing Test Items, Licensed Materials and Ancillary Materials Across States: Two Case Studies and Lessons Learned
Ken Kalcevich, John Jesse, Vincent Dean, Jennifer Paul, Carissa Moffat Miller, Leon Dreyfus and Kurt Farnsworth

We Teach How We Test: How Technology Enhanced Assessments Are Changing the Face of Instruction
Jennifer Dugan, Melody Morgan, Les Sewall, Ed.D., Timothy R. Vansickle, Ph.D. and Jane Miller

10:00 AM-12:00 PM

CAT Test Specifications: What’s Different? What’s the Same?
Denny Way, Liru Zhang, Ph.D, G. Gage Kingsbury and Tim Davey

Setting Achievement Levels For The 2011 NAEP Writing
Luz Bay, Susan Loomis, Chris Clough, Joseph St. George, Patricia P. Porter, Kevin Sweeney and Luz Bay

Technology Showcase: Designing Technology-Enhanced Assessments for Next Generation Students
Mikyung Kim Wolf, Ph.D., Mikyung Kim Wolf, Ph.D., Girlie C. Delacruz, Mike Hibbard and Alexis A. Lopez

Technology Showcase: Effecting Change Through Creative Data Use
Bethann Canada, Kathy Gosa and Sarah J Larson

Technology Showcase: Usability Research: Lessons Learned For Digital Assessment Delivery
Cathy Wendler, PhD, Debra Pisacreta, Diane Brauner, Robert Harris, TBD California and Christine Mills, PhD

11:05 AM-12:00 PM

Debunking the Myth Attached to Commissioned Texts for Assessments
Patty McDivitt, Mike Spradlin, Kara Courtney and Andrew Middlestead

Learning Progressions and Formative Assessment: Helping English Language Arts Teachers Prepare For The CCSS
Lucy Calkins, Mary Ehrenworth, Gerrita Postlewait, Fritz Mosher and Paul D. Deane, Ph.D.

Telling Your Data’s Story: Best Practices For Reporting In Your State
Angela Glymph, John Vance, Dorie Turner Nolt and Debra Silimeo

Two States’ Experiences Transitioning From Paper and Pencil to Online Portfolio AA-Aas Systems
Carol J. Crothers, Jo Ann Malone, Carissa Moffat Miller and Susan Izard

12:30 PM-1:30 PM

Lunch and Learn: Growth for Students With Disabilities
Claudia Flowers and Meagan Karvonen, PhD

1:30 PM-3:00 PM

Plenary: The Future Is (Almost) Now: Implementing New Assessments in 2014-2015
Scott Norton, Laura Slover, Joe Willhoft, Shelley Loving-Ryder, Christopher Shearer and Scott Hill

3:30 PM-5:00 PM

A Bridge From High School to Beyond
Caroline R. H. Wiley, Shelley Loving-Ryder, Julie Alexander, Melissa Fincher, PhD, Shelby McIntosh, Lauress Wise and D. E. (Sunny) Becker, Ph.D.

Challenges of Transitioning English Language Proficiency/Development Standards and the New On-Line Assessment System to Reflect the Language Behind the Common Core
H. Gary Cook, Timothy J. Boals, Ph.D., Margo Gottlieb, Ph.D., Kenji Hakuta, Ph.D., Lily Roberts, Ph.D., Edynn Sato, Ph.D., Carsten Wilmes, Ph.D., Dorry Kenyon, Ph.D. and Audrey Lesondak

The Maryland/Ohio Early Childhood Comprehensive Assessment System: A State Collaboration to Bridge the Transition Between Early Childhood and Elementary Education
Stephanie Siddens, PhD, Jacqueline Nunn, EdD, Stanley Rabinowitz, PhD, Tamara Otto, MA and Rolf Grafwallner, PhD

Transition to the Common Core—Experience From the New York State
Ye Tong, Jason Schweid, Peter Swerdzewski, Sz-Shyan Wu and Kristen Huff

Using Observation Protocols to Support Teacher Development
Christine Lyon, Amelia Wenk Gotwals, Margaret Heritage and Caroline Wylie, Ph.D.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

8:00 AM-9:30 AM

APIP - The Road To Full Implementation
Dirk Mattson, Michael Hock, Trinell M. Bowman, Cheryl Alcaya, Jennifer Higgins and Michael Russell

Choosing Accommodations for English Language Learners with Disabilities
Brian Touchette, Melissa Gholson, Vitaliy Shyyan and Laurene Christensen, Ph.D.

Evaluating the Validity of State Educator Evaluation Systems
Lisa Foehr, Erika Hall, Katie Buckley, Allison Timberlake and Scott Marion

Formative Assessment's "Advocatable" Moment: Suggestions for State-Level Expansion
Leila Williams, PhD, Margaret Heritage, Caroline Wylie, Ph.D., Sarah McManus and W. James Popham

From State-Wide to State Consortium Assessment Systems: Test Administration Lessons Learned From a Consortium Pilot
Jennifer Paul, Juan D'Brot, Deborah Matthews, Beth Fultz, Paula Hutton and Norma Sinclair

New Questions to Ask, New Questions to Answer - Researching New Item Types
Laura M.B. Kramer, Ph.D., Cameron M. Clyne, M.A., Lisa McBride, M.F.A. and Laura M.B. Kramer, Ph.D.

PARCC Text Complexity and Cognitive Complexity Measures: Their Role in Assessment Development and in Supporting Claims about Student Proficiency and Readiness
Steve Ferrara, Kristen Huff, Nancy Glazer, James (Jay) Larkin, Jeff Haberstroh, Jim Pellegrino and James Wright

Technology Diversity: Testing, Tablets, and Transitions
Bryan Bleil, Shelley Loving-Ryder, Dale Cornelius, Amy B. Schaefer, Steven Tang, Ellen Strain-Seymour and Laurie Davis

10:00 AM-10:55 AM

How Does the Usage of Interim Assessments Influence Teaching?
Arie van der Ploeg, M.S., Feng Liu, Natasha Collins, Ryan Williams, Michele Walker, Ed.D. and Jessalyn Smith, Ph.D.

Is There a Role For Formalized Tools In Formative Assessment?
Edward Roeber, Angela Quick, Randy E. Bennett, Jan Chappuis and Robert Dolan, Ph.D.

Next Generation Alignment Approaches: Needs and Promising Directions
Ellen Forte, Susan Davis-Becker, Ph.D. and Norman Webb

10:00 AM-12:00 PM

Assessing Career Readiness
Robin Utz, Lee Burkett, Tom Foster, Ph.D., Cameron M. Clyne, M.A. and Marty Kehe

Building Capacity For Classroom Formative Performance Assessment—and Sustaining It
Lauren V. Monowar-Jones, Jeff Barker, Ph.D., Ray Pecheone, Ph.D., Terrence Moore, Ph.D., Kay Elder, Joan Herman and Steve Ferrara

Different But Comparable: Measurement Considerations for Policy Uses for Scores From the PARCC and Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortia
Henry Braun, John Mazzeo, Lauress Wise, Marty McCall, Enis Dogan, Mitchell Chester and Tom Luna

Publications Showcase: Planning For 2014/2015 – What Are States Doing To Prepare For The Next Generation Of Assessments?
Bob Olsen, John Olson, Mark Shermis, Ph.D., Carissa Moffat Miller and Barry Topol, CPA

11:05 AM-12:00 PM

Adopting and Implementing New Content and Standards: Two Distinct Strategies
Nathan Wall, Gay Pickner, Erik McCormick and Amy Schaefer

Every State’s Goal: Providing Actionable Data to Teachers
Pat Roschewski, Melissa Hensley, Monica Mann and Joanne Reihm

Standard Setting For The Brave New World
Timothy R. Vansickle, Ph.D., Leon Dreyfus, Nikki Shepherd Eatchel, M.A., Industrial/Organizational, Psychology and Canda D. Mueller, Ph.D.