Golden Math Nuggets: Digging Into Assessment Data To Improve Instruction In Math

Thursday, June 20, 2013: 4:05 PM-5:00 PM
National Harbor 5 (Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center)
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  • Content Strands:
    1. Transitioning curriculum and instruction
    While the Common Core is driving us toward higher expectations, it is also challenging us to slow down to help students who are missing the critical concepts foundational to further learning. This session showcases two separate but related projects aimed at identifying common mistakes students make in math by analyzing assessment data. One project is a longitudinal study using a national dataset. The other is a statewide formative assessment project focused on problem solving. Both projects use assessment data to inform instruction. The session concludes with a district leader sharing lessons learned about the district’s transition to Common Core standards. 

    The Common Core State Standards place equal weight on understanding mathematical concepts and fluency with the basic operations. It can be argued in either direction about which is more basic or should be taught first, and the research in this area is very ambiguous.

    One thing that is not ambiguous is the crucial, central role that place value notation plays in both these areas when students study whole numbers and their operations. An esteemed mathematician who served on the Common Core Mathematics Validation Committee will provide background on this topic.

    This session will highlight the latest findings from the national longitudinal study. This is the second year findings will be presented. Last year’s session was standing room only. This year’s findings focus on place value.

    We’ll also showcase North Carolina Department of Public Instruction’s NCDigIns project. These formative assessment tools are co-created with teachers and students to provide descriptive feedback for problem solving of math. Both the national and the NCDigIns statewide studies focus on common errors and provide insights about what concepts and stills to work on next to better inform instructional next steps.

    To round-out the session with a practical and insightful perspective, the leader of a large district will share his first-hand experience leading administrators and teachers through the transition to the Common Core State Standards.