From State House to School House: Two States’ Teacher Evaluation Initiatives - Challenges, Triumphs, Results & Implications

Thursday, June 20, 2013: 10:15 AM-11:45 AM
National Harbor 5 (Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center)
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  • From Schoolhouse to Statehouse Delaware CCSSO.ppt (2.8 MB)
  • Content Strands:
    1. Evaluating and supporting educators
    Part 1: This section will provide overviews of two states’ initiatives related to Teacher Evalaution Systems.  Michigan will share the challenges their 800+ districts faced and took on in the first and second year of educator evaluation requirements—both legislatively and practically. The supports and resources put into place to support districts during the required two years of locally-developed educator evaluations systems based on student growth will be discussed—along with the MDE-developed tools that were created to assist districts in utilizing the state assessment results, where possible, for determining student growth. The findings of the educator evaluations results from across the state will be presented alongside the SFSF factor survey results submitted by Michigan’s districts. Sound practices for conducting evaluations will also be discussed as a result of the SFSF survey, working directly with districts, and the feedback received over the course of the two years of required locally-developed educator evaluation systems. 40 minutes

    Part 2: This section is designed to inform participants of Delaware’s new statewide teacher appraisal system and a Race To The Top (RTTT) funded Development Coach Project.  The session will provide a detailed overview of project highlights, challenges, and lessons learned since its implementation in the summer of 2011.  We will discuss how development coaches were employed in all school districts to support principals and school leaders implementing the teacher appraisal system with fidelity to improve professional practice and ultimately, student achievement. 40 minutes