Assessing Career Readiness

Saturday, June 22, 2013: 10:00 AM-12:00 PM
Chesapeake A-B (Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center)
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  • Content Strands:
    1. Transitioning assessment systems
    With the latest push for “college- and career-readiness” those two outcomes are often grouped together. While there are some commonalities in what students need to know to be prepared for postsecondary education and for the workplace, there are also some differences. This invited session will explore the meaning of “career-readiness” in depth and focus on what two testing programs and two states are doing to prepare students for certification in a particular field and to enter the workforce soon after high school.

    Questions for panel:

    1. What do we know about defining and assessing "career readiness"? 
    2. What is the same and what is different between "career readiness" and "college readiness" as a construct and for assessment? 
    3. What are some "best practice" examples of how assessments of career readiness should be defined, constructed, interpreted, and validated?
    4. What information do we have about students who complete certification programs and enter the workforce rather than going to college after high school graduation?
    5. What are the most significant challenges of the future, and what recommendations can be given for how to approach solving those challenges?