Building Coherent Post-NCLB Accountability Systems That Incorporate Multiple Components
Garron Gianopulos, Ph.D., Erik McCormick, Rorie Fitzpatrick and Carole Gallagher, Ph.D.

Promoting Equity in State Accountability Systems: A Deeper Look Into the Waivers
Christopher S. Domaleski, Ph.D., Wes Bruce, Ph.D., Judy W. Park, Ed.D., Melissa Fincher, PhD, Christopher S. Domaleski and Marianne Perie, Ph.D.

Considerations For Transitioning Students From Operational 2% Assessments To General Assessments: Challenges For States
Melissa Fincher, PhD, Trinell M. Bowman, Wendy Stoica, Susan Weigert, Ph.D., Marianne Perie, Ph.D. and Martha L. Thurlow, Ph.D.

Schoolview: A Multistate Consortium to Foster Collaborative Data Use and Visualization
Wes Bruce, Ph.D., William Bonk, Ph.D., Ken Turner, Jessica Brown, Richard Wenning and Damian Betebenner, Ph.D.

Reporting Findings From Measures of Teacher Effectiveness: Guidance for States and Other Jurisdictions
Joanne Riehm, Jennifer Preston, Austin Zentz, IMPACT data manager for DC Public Schools, Kate McMahon and Carole Gallagher, Ph.D.

Publications Showcase: Planning For 2014/2015 What Are States Doing To Prepare For The Next Generation Of Assessments?
Bob Olsen, John Olson, Mark Shermis, Ph.D., Carissa Moffat Miller and Barry Topol, CPA