Development of Next-Generation Assessments – Technical Challenges and Solutions in the Transition to Common Core State Standards (CCSS)
Liru Zhang, Ph.D, Max Xu, Ph.D, Steve G. Viger, C. Allen Lau, Ph.D, Shudong Wang, Ph.D. and Yi Du, Ph.D.

Preventing, Detecting, and Investigating Test Security Irregularities: A Comprehensive Guidebook On Test Security For States
Charlene Tucker, John Fremer, Ph., D., in, Educational, Psychology, and, Measurement, Juan D'Brot, Roger Ervin, Gregory Cizek and John F. Olson

Getting More From Our Measures by Taking Advantage of Technology Enhanced Items
Timothy R. Vansickle, Ph.D., Michael J. Muenks, Nadine McBride and Phoebe C. Winter

Transitioning Reporting Assessment Results: From Performance Status to Achievement Growth
Liru Zhang, Ph.D, Garron Gianopulos, Ph.D., Richard N. Vineyard, Ph.D., Norma Sinclair, Ph.D. and Mohamed Dirir, Ed.D.

Improving Standard-Setting Processes Through the Use of Construct Maps
Michael B. Bunch, Ph.D., Denny Way, Steven G. Viger and Adam E. Wyse, Ph.D.

Schoolview: A Multistate Consortium to Foster Collaborative Data Use and Visualization
Wes Bruce, Ph.D., William Bonk, Ph.D., Ken Turner, Jessica Brown, Richard Wenning and Damian Betebenner, Ph.D.

Technology Showcase: Effecting Change Through Creative Data Use
Bethann Canada, Kathy Gosa and Sarah J Larson

Telling Your Data’s Story: Best Practices For Reporting In Your State
Angela Glymph, John Vance, Dorie Turner Nolt and Debra Silimeo

A Bridge From High School to Beyond
Caroline R. H. Wiley, Shelley Loving-Ryder, Julie Alexander, Melissa Fincher, PhD, Shelby McIntosh, Lauress Wise and D. E. (Sunny) Becker, Ph.D.

PARCC Text Complexity and Cognitive Complexity Measures: Their Role in Assessment Development and in Supporting Claims about Student Proficiency and Readiness
Steve Ferrara, Kristen Huff, Nancy Glazer, James (Jay) Larkin, Jeff Haberstroh, Jim Pellegrino and James Wright

How Does the Usage of Interim Assessments Influence Teaching?
Arie van der Ploeg, M.S., Feng Liu, Natasha Collins, Ryan Williams, Michele Walker, Ed.D. and Jessalyn Smith, Ph.D.

Every State’s Goal: Providing Actionable Data to Teachers
Pat Roschewski, Melissa Hensley, Monica Mann and Joanne Reihm

Standard Setting For The Brave New World
Timothy R. Vansickle, Ph.D., Leon Dreyfus, Nikki Shepherd Eatchel, M.A., Industrial/Organizational, Psychology and Canda D. Mueller, Ph.D.