Today's Transition From Formative to Summative Teacher Evaluation: A Bridge Too Far?
Terry Holliday, Alan Burke, Cindy Hill and W. James Popham

Formative Assessment: Preparing Students for the Common Core Standards
Hugh Walkup, Ph.D., Colleen Anderson, Denise Hunt, Jackie Lakin, Margaret Heritage and Sarah McManus

From State House to School House: Two States’ Teacher Evaluation Initiatives - Challenges, Triumphs, Results & Implications
Jackie Wilson, Carla Howe, Sharon Brittingham, Steve Godowsky, Eric Niebrzydowski, Lewis Cheatwood, Linda Grace and Venessa A. Keesler

Transitioning Reporting Assessment Results: From Performance Status to Achievement Growth
Liru Zhang, Ph.D, Garron Gianopulos, Ph.D., Richard N. Vineyard, Ph.D., Norma Sinclair, Ph.D. and Mohamed Dirir, Ed.D.

Reporting Findings From Measures of Teacher Effectiveness: Guidance for States and Other Jurisdictions
Joanne Riehm, Jennifer Preston, Austin Zentz, IMPACT data manager for DC Public Schools, Kate McMahon and Carole Gallagher, Ph.D.

Using Observation Protocols to Support Teacher Development
Christine Lyon, Amelia Wenk Gotwals, Margaret Heritage and Caroline Wylie, Ph.D.

Evaluating the Validity of State Educator Evaluation Systems
Lisa Foehr, Erika Hall, Katie Buckley, Allison Timberlake and Scott Marion

How Does the Usage of Interim Assessments Influence Teaching?
Arie van der Ploeg, M.S., Feng Liu, Natasha Collins, Ryan Williams, Michele Walker, Ed.D. and Jessalyn Smith, Ph.D.