Symposium: Confidently Stepping Towards 21st Century Instruction and Assessment: Views from the Field

Thursday, June 26, 2014: 10:30 AM-12:00 PM
Strand 13A (Hyatt Regency New Orleans)
Content Strands:
  1. Next generation curriculum and instruction
  2. Transitioning special populations to next generation standards and assessments
States and Local Education Agencies continue to grapple with the demands of communicating information about, training educators on, and monitoring the progress of new standards. This session will explore this evolution in three states as they concurrently evaluate how to prepare schools, teachers, and students for new standards, and consider how to measure their ability to do so effectively. Presenters will discuss these efforts overall, and specifically their activities aimed at ensuring that the efficacy of this transition extends to ALL students, including students with disabilities, and English Language Learners. More specifically, this session will explore these issues couched in today’s digital transition and will focus on three themes: (1) The logistical challenges in providing 21st century workspaces in all schools that can also be used for assessment without eliminating availability for instruction, (2) The alignment of a state sponsored interim assessment system, and (3) The opportunities surrounding significant PD initiatives.