Assessment Authoring: Is It Time to Put Teachers in the Driving Seat?

Thursday, June 29, 2017: 12:30 PM-1:15 PM
Lone Star Ballroom - Salon E / F (JW Marriott Austin)
Content Strands:
  1. Balanced Assessment Systems
  2. Critical Issues and Considerations for Assessment Design
With digital assessment offerings becoming more widely used and advanced, teachers' responsibilities are continuously expanding as they face the ongoing challenge of preparing students for computer-based assessments. The varying demands of the classroom mean that teachers now need a way to create their own interactive assessments, suited towards their unique circumstances. Authoring platforms designed for use by professional content authors have a wide range of features, allowing authors to cater for every possible edge case. While necessary for a professional content author, it can present a steep learning curve for casual users. Platforms designed for teachers, however, tend to have such a restricted subset of functionality that teachers are frustrated with the limitations. In this roundtable, we discuss the challenges of balancing the needs of teacher authors and professional authors. Can we reduce the learning curve and simplify the process of authoring TEIs while still retaining all the crucial functionality?
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